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Our team has been dedicated to research and data, and we don’t provide information unless it is supported by data and research. The beautiful thing about this industry is that everything has already been done, it is just about applying the work of those before us to help influence our future decisions. Let us provide you with the data you need to be profitable.


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Find out the latest methods for analyzing neighborhoods and properties in order to guarantee you will turn a profit. Every property has a path to profitability. Find yours through our analysis.



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We have designed and created our own calculators that have been tested by industry experts that allow our team to perform faster and more accurate analysis of properties than anyone else.



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We are here to help you grow your understanding of your property, market, or industry. Contact us if you want some help in running an analysis or to just talk through your situation.


We started doing this because we had no idea what the realtors and bankers were advising when we were looking to buy a home. So, we teamed up and learned everything we could about how to buy a home, what data to look at when making the decision, and really just simplify the process so it wasn’t as intimidating. Turns out, we love this stuff, so let us help you.

We have built our own formulas to help us evaluate properties for investing in, and we can provide you with the data that we use to make every decision.

We know you are confused. That is the point of some paperwork and language that investment advisors use. We believe that understandable advice is the best advice.

We started this because we genuinely enjoy doing the work, and we got good at this because we care about this. Let us do the work we love to help you.

We consume more information via books, podcasts, and speeches, so let us tell you which ones are worth your time and what you should focus on.

Access the Tools. Get the Data. Trust the Process.

Get caught up on all of the data you need to start making a profit.

The Foreclosure Timeline in NJ

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