About Our Process

Finding the True Investment Home Values for Motivated Buyers and Sellers.

Move In Philly

Move in Philly is a concept based around the necessity for all available information, regardless of the real estate investment, in order to make sound financial decisions.

Established to educate consumers on all details regarding their real estate investments, Move in Philly researches local Philadelphia and South Jersey properties to identify the most valuable properties for your investment portfolio.

Deal Engineers

We do not claim to be savants in the field, nor do we claim to be experts in a field where our collective experience is made up of solely a vigorous aptitude for data accumulation and detailed research into our own properties. However, our core model is a simplified version of the collective models we have encountered during our exhaustive research. Simply put, we engineer success in investing through calculated risk analysis of every property in order to ensure that a purchase is structured in the right light in order to achieve the investor’s core goals.

This is why we classify ourselves as deal engineers, rather than investment analysts. We assume you are analyzing your own properties and understand what you want to find. We simply find a way to make it work out positively for you or we can help advise you on how to re-focus your efforts on a more financially rewarding property.

The three rules of home buying are simple:




However, we believe that this is an outdated expression. In the world where the largest hotel brand doesn’t own any buildings, where the world’s largest taxi company doesn’t actually own any cars, and the world’s fastest growing bank doesn’t have any actual money, it is simple to see that the landscape of investing is monumentally shifting. In order to stay current, it is important to be able to step back and see the larger trend data and understand the financing options that you have available to you.

It is our simple goal to provide a roadmap to understanding the location specifics, financing options, and profit centers for every property in our geographical location so that we can better quantify the marketplace in order to find the ever elusive ‘true value property’.

We have created our own calculator to help us with this analysis, one that we have modified and continue to modify to better represent not only the projected cash flow of a property, but also how that cash flow stacks up against the marketplace and neighborhood trend data to better visualize the overall strength of the investment property you are looking at.

Over the course of the next year, we plan on taking a small nest egg that our team has built up and invest that into our housing portfolio to establish a positive cash flow through properties to better reinvest. Join us as we engineer the wealth that will help us improve our process.

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