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The Foreclosure Timeline in NJ

The foreclosure process in NJ is well documented and follows a strict set of guidelines thanks to the New Jersey Fair Foreclosure Act. Because of this rigidity, it is easy to identify where you are in the foreclosure process and therefore it can be useful to know what your options are at this junction.  Below,…
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Update to Buyers Market vs Sellers Market

I recently wrote a post looking into how the market was trending towards a dynamic shift from a sellers market to a buyers market, and so, given that about a month has past since then, I wanted to take a moment and look at the progress of some of the assertions made and help to gauge…
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Buyers Market vs Sellers Market: Forecasting Trends

There is a common refrain that is being echoed among industry types when asked if it is a buyers market or sellers market:       That’s right, we are all…currently… existing in a sellers market.  Ok, I know, this is not ground breaking news. In reality, knowing whether you are in a sellers…
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Estimating Rehab Costs

Getting into the real estate investment market is difficult. Whether it is identifying valuable properties, estimating rehab costs, evaluating financing opportunities, or finding potential investors or buyers, the basic functionalities of the career are difficult enough on their own, even if you have tools like house flipping spreadsheets or value calculators. Now add in the…
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Wholesale Industry Analysis

405 Linden Ave, Woodbury Heights, NJ Wholesale Industry Analysis This short article was written purely to explain wholesaling in real estate as well as to show others how to properly conduct a wholesale analysis.   What is Wholesaling? The question is, what is wholesaling? For those of you who don’t know, wholesaling is buying a…
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What Is A Short Sale: Why Real Estate Investors Should Be Doing Short Sales

WHY REAL ESTATE INVESTORS SHOULD INVEST IN SHORT SALE PROPERTIES AND FORECLOSURES A short sale or a foreclosure might be a headache for the banks and homeowners, but it can be a great opportunity for diligent investors. Foreclosures and short sales allow investors to get potentially great properties for relatively cheap. Don’t get me wrong,…
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MiP Investment Property Calculator – Our Speed Calculation

Here at Move in Philly, we take data seriously. It is ingrained in who we are and how we operate at our core. In fact, we built our entire company and our MiP calculator around this concept. So, when we started considering how to evaluate properties, we quickly realized that there was no good option…
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What is a Short Sale: How Does A Short Sale Work for the Seller

The Short Sale Process for Homeowners IF YOU ARE UNDERWATER ON YOUR MORTGAGE, YOU NEED TO KEEP READING If you are a homeowner who is behind on your mortgage payments, or will soon be behind on your payments, this article is written for you. Even if you aren’t, it always makes sense to be prepared…
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How to Make an Investment Using the BRRR Method Profitable

There are a myriad of ways in which you can make purchasing a house a prosperous endeavor for you, but understanding what strategy to employ for specific properties can be a challenge, as you have to not only be aware of all of your options but also be able to apply each option to your…
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Buying Into Philadelphia Real Estate

When entertaining the idea of choosing a city to remain in for the foreseeable future, one should precisely analyze that specific city. That individual should consider a multitude of criteria suitable for the standard of living he or she has already established. The criteria for choosing a city may consist of a variety of standards…
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