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House Hacking: Laying the Foundation for Financial Independence

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not interested in hearing about anything that has to do with hacking.  This hacking though, could be the first step towards financial freedom. House Hacking is a termed coined by BiggerPockets, which basically means to buy a multi-family property and then rent out the other units while…
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Graduate Hospital Neighborhood Analysis

Graduate Hospital Homes in Graduate Hospital View Recent Graduate Hospital Market in a full screen map This is our brand new product.  We will show you exactly what homes sold in the area recently.  As you look at the homes, you are able to see many things.  This includes: 1. Location/Address 2. Home Type  Rowhome…
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Neighborhood Home Values: Elizabeth, NJ

Setting up a process that you can trust when embarking on a new campaign is both equally crucial and difficult. You need to not only be able to define every thought process along the path in order to make it repeatable, but you also need to be able to adjust and correct your process as…
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Property Case Study: 1155 Romano Avenue

Investment Property Analysis: 1155 Romano Avenue About 2 weeks ago, a friend of a friend brought to us a fairly unique proposal. My friend (and co-founder) Mike was talking to a friend of his, Nick, regarding a property was looking to invest in. This property, located out in Bellmawr, NJ, was a $135,000 listed duplex…
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How to Properly Invest in Property

Buying Investment Property Investing in any property is not a difficult process, all you really need to do if identify a place and have the money to purchase it, but the challenge is that it is a terrifying endeavor. Either you have worked your entire life to save up enough money to put in on…
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