Philadelphia Neighborhood Data

Finding the True Investment Home Values for Motivated Buyers and Sellers.

The first step when you are buying a house in Philadelphia is to determine which neighborhood you want to live in.  We can figure out which neighborhood best suits us by looking at the recently sold homes in Philadelphia. Once you know what neighborhoods to look at you can then look at our map in order to see what houses look like that have recently sold by block!

But first, use this data as the initial step in your house buying process.  We will help you to pick a neighborhood which is right for you by showing you the average homes that are sold in each market.

Below we took all of the houses that have sold recently in these neighborhoods. With this info, we found out what the average home looks like in each neighborhood and compared the data. Here were our findings.

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Remember we analyze the properties for you.  We graded every property that we utilized in this analysis on a scale from 1-5 based on the internal and external pictures.  We utilized a bunch of tools to do this and hope it helps guide your decision.  

(Updated Q1 2018)

NeighborhoodAverage Home PriceAverage Number of BedroomsAverage Number of BathroomsAverage Sq. FootageAverage Price per SquarefootAverage Internal ScoreAverage External Score
Bala Cynwd$609,1334.53.73,048$2004.34.1
Northern Liberties$537,1143.02.61,915$2815.04.8
Graduate Hospital$534,6152.52.31753$3054.24.5
Center City$412,9812.92.11711$2414.03.8
East Falls$283,3833.32.21,560$1823.44.0


Neighborhood Analysis Visuals

Here you will find the most up to date information out there analyzing neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  Utilize these tools to compare different aspects of the homes that were recently sold in Philadelphia.


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