What is an FHA Loan?

Finding the True Investment Home Values for Motivated Buyers and Sellers.

The process of buying your very first home comes along with a mixture of intense emotions.  Exhilaration, fear, ambition, and doubt, these are the emotions that tend to overwhelm people embarking on the mission of home ownership. In addition, most of us can attest to that even just having one of these strong emotions can be crippling at times.

For example, fear may inhibit one’s ability to even seek out information to help with the process. This fear will lead to procrastination, and just like that, your opportunity for home ownership slips by each passing second. The fear of being unable to afford a property along with the numerous other debt concerns people have will cause them to not even consider owning a home. This is unfortunate because with a little research, one would come to understand the creative solutions that answer the problem of finding properties that fit into one’s financial criteria.

An interesting solution to acquiring a property with little money down would be receiving a FHA loan. The FHA loan allows an individual to purchase a property at a very low rate depending on if that individual meets the qualifications for that loan.

Quick Overview of FHA Loans

  1. What is it? An FHA loan is a federally insured loan that helps you pay lower down payments up front.
  2. Down Payments are as low as 3.5%.
  3. Learn: Straight from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
    1. HUD Opportunities in Pennsylvania.
  4. Criteria: There’s a checklist located below. Make sure you qualify before counting on this loan.
    1. Apply to get an FHA Loan. 
  5. Save Money: Local banks can have great deals. Go check out your local bank.
    1. Here’s Quicken Loans. They’re the nations largest lender for FHA loans.
  6. Interest Rate: 30 Year Fixed Rate currently has a 4.331% APR. Call a local bank to find an estimate for yourself right here.
    1. Compare interest rates.
    2. Check out Well’s Fargo for current market estimates.

FHA Loan Requirements

When you’re buying a new home, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about this investment in order to make sure you pay the right price for such a huge investment.  Read more about the FHA loan process below in order to truly master what you’ll be getting into.

If you’re buying your first home, then this is where you want to go to learn more about using an FHA loan straight from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website.   The FHA was made in 1934 by Congress to help Americans acquire a mortgage and buy a home.

Until the point when the FHA appeared, around 60% of Americans leased their homes, and most mortgages had high regularly scheduled installments, short loan terms, and stringent endorsement necessities.

FHA loans vary from standard mortgages in various ways.

For starters, the initial installment required for a conventional mortgage is typically much higher than for an FHA-guaranteed loan. FHA loans likewise have brought down credit prerequisites more than standard mortgages, making them more accessible to a increasingly extensive scope of potential homebuyers. FHA mortgage protection bids to banks since it ensures them against misfortune should the borrower default on their loan.

That is the key distinction between FHA mortgages and conventional mortgages – that moneylenders still get paid regardless. Since FHA mortgages are more desirable for moneylenders than conventional loans, it’s far simpler for a borrower to obtain them.

Why Get an FHA Loan?

FHA loans are sought out by many Americans, and there are a few reasons why.

The first reason is the ability to put down an extremely low down payment. This gives investors the opportunity to pay less out of pocket initially, and with those smaller payments, an investor may have more confidence in searching for a property.

Another reason why you might want to go the FHA loan path is due to the fact that the FHA provides loans to individuals with low credit scores. However, this depends on the criteria in which the credit score falls on the predetermined scale. It is important to note here that if the credit score is at the lower echelon on the scale, the down payment will increase slightly.

The FHA loan is one of the most important loans to consider for first time home buyers as well.

The low down payment and lenient nature on credit score approval allows for greater maneuverability and provides confidence for the investor. Debt to income ratio, which is a figure determined by one’s gross income and total expenses in a month, also are put into consideration when looking to obtain a FHA loan. If you have experienced a bankruptcy or foreclosures in the past, that is not considered a death sentence in the eyes of the FHA.

If an individual can fit into the other specific criteria, then they may still be approved for the loan. FHA loans also provide lower fees and competitive interest rates, which of course is another positive when considering the FHA loan.

The FHA loan has the potential to be utilized by any investor willing to seek out the opportunity that it possesses.

What’re the requirements for an FHA Loan?

If you want to purchase a house with an FHA loan, then you must have a minimum FICO score of 580+ to qualify. If you have a credit score of at least 580, then you should be able to get your loan at low down payment amount of 3.5%.

Though, if you have less than a 580 score, it doesn’t mean you are excluded from FHA loan eligibility. It simply means that your minimum payment will raise to 10% down.

To be eligible to receive an FHA Loan, and to receive the low-down payment that comes with that loan, you need to fit the criteria.  The following is a complete list of requirements for FHA loan details, which is set by the Federal housing authority.

  1. You must have two years constant job work history or constant employment details.
  2. You must be a lawful resident in the U.S. and have a valid social security number as well as be over the legal age to apply for mortgages.
  3. You must pay 3.5 percent as a minimum down payment. A family member is able to gift the money if necessary.
  4. FHA loans must be used for owner occupied properties.
  5. You must have a property appraisal from an FHA approved appraiser.
  6. Your will need to have a minimum credit score of 580 to get the loan.

How to Get an FHA Loan

Apply Now

  • We like to recommend shopping at local banks to get the best terms.  See our advice on saving money on closing costs by shopping around at local banks.  
  • When you apply you want to see multiple rates from multiple companies so that you have some idea of what to expect when shopping around, then check LendingTree. You will give you multiple quotes here so you know what to expect.

If you are looking for an FHA loan for your personal purposes, you should get in contact with a lender who is authorized by the Federal Housing Authority.

To get the latest information about the FHA loan and its terms and conditions, you can choose any reputable loan lender company or agent who will help you to understand everything that encompasses FHA loans. Once you choose the reputable website of your preference, you just need to submit your application via their online form and you are good. After the form is filled in properly, and after the submission, you will be sent a multitude of loan lenders details through the mail/email with contact numbers.

The entire process is very simple and easy when put into action. Without providing any personal information, you can fill out the form and submit a request. After receiving the information via email, you can check every quote and verify the information.  After you finish your initial research, you can contact any lender as per your requirement and the budget.

The Interest Rate of FHA Loans

Current APR: 4.331%*

Bankrate.com is a great resource. You can enter in your specifics and get a few quotes for mortgages.  This will help you with negotiations as you are more knowledgeable about what is available to you.

Check out current interest rates.

(*APR means the cost to borrow money as a percentage after you include interest + all other expenses of dealing with a bank)

This is going to depend on a lot of factors, but one method you can take is to pull an average of the different loan providers in order to get a range for your specific circumstance. Better yet, just put the details of the loan that you are looking for into one of the many free calculators out there, such as NerdWallet.

Don’y worry, there are a ton of calculators out there, as well as lots of providers who will share their rate range as well.

In general though, you are looking at interest rates ranging from 3.75% to 4.125%. This is obviously assuming you have pretty good credit and are looking for a standard loan term

To see what type of interest rate is for you, you can enter your specific information and personal details, like credit score, employment details, date of birth and monthly debts, etc. After that, you can talk to any lender to know more details about this matter.

Cover the closing costs

The FHA permits builders, home sellers, and lenders to pay certain amount of the borrowers closing costs, such as credit report, an appraisal, and title expenses. For instant, to buy a new home, a builder may be offering you to pay the closing cost as an incentive. 

Negotiation is an opportunity at every facet of a real estate deal.  By analyzing the average closing costs in Philadelphia, you are able to identify when you are presented with advantageous opportunities.

If the lender will pay closing costs on behalf of you, they will charge high interest rate on the loan amount. The borrowers need to compare and analysis different FHA loans quotes from different lenders and need to choose a best one for them. Always shop from FHA approved lender as because they are unable to change extra and never provide wrong information about the topic.

And the borrower also needs to pay monthly insurance premium on total mortgage amount. The FHA department will take this premium because if the borrower will be unable to pay money or the monthly amount, the lender will get through the insurance policy. It’s a safe and secure way for lenders. There is no chance for any money loses. So, you can search through the online resources and choose any loan service provider or lender who will offer complete support. You can visit their official website to know more about their service details. So, choose the best lender now!

FHA require Two-part mortgage insurance

On all FHA loans, two mortgage insurance premiums are required. If you take $1,750 for a $100,000 loan, then the upfront premium will be 1.75 percent of the loan amount. When the borrowers get the loan, they will pay this upfront premium. And it can be financed as part of the entire loan amount.

Another premium is monthly premium, or it is called as annual premium. The premium amount varies based on the loan amount, the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) and the length of the loan.

You can borrow the cash instantly, if you desire to use some of the loan money for repairs to improve the value of the house, then FHA also has a special scheme for that. The main advantage of this type of loan is, the loan amount will not be based on the present appraised value of the house, but after the repair completed the entire projected value. And this is called 203 (k) terms. It is permitting the borrower to take up to $35,000 for repair and maintenance of the house, such as repairing, painting, or fixtures.

How to see if I qualify for an FHA Loan?

Go to Quicken Loans. It is the nation’s largest lender for FHA loans.

The FHA loan creates a relatively easy approval because the government provides you with guarantees on the loan, so lenders are more interested to approve applicants. Though, lenders are always set some basic requirement which borrower need to pass to qualify for the approval. You have to full fill some basic requirement to get the loan amount. If you are not suitable with one lender, you can search the internet and choose another one easily.

Even if you don’t have all the details to quality, there still is a chance to get the loan easily. You just need to get into direct contact with the lenders and discuss the details properly. To get this loan, you don’t require any minimum salary range. But you just need to show your present occupation and details. You must complete your legal age to get the loan and you must prove that you are employed.

You need to provide you credit score details, personal information, employment details and then lender will analysis and provide you complete details regarding the loan amount and interest. You must provide proof that you have enough capability to repay the loan amount. Once you proof this stipulation, you can get the loan amount you desire. You should have a good debt-to-income ratio to qualify for an FHA loan.

Your monthly income should compare with the monthly loan payment and analysis whether you are capable to pay it or not! You also need to calculate the basic calculations about the loan amount and its interest.  A calculation of debt to income ratio is important to determine if an individual will be able to receive an FHA loan.

Loan Amount Details

The maximum amount that can be taken from an FHA loan depends on the state.  You can use this source to determine the maximum loan amount based on in which state you reside.

Other Options

VA Loans

This is an opportunity for Servicemembers, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses to become home owners.

  • The VA sponsors a Cash Out Refinance Program, which could be a huge investment tool for investors from our armed forces
  • Down Payment:
    • As little as $0.  If the sales price is less than the appraised value then the down payment may be ZERO.
  • Eligibility:
    • Check here for the specific requirements.
  • Learn More About The Benefits
  • NOTE:
    • There may be a fee associated with this loan. Read more about it here.
      • TL;DR
        • Fee is a % of the loan amount.
        • Depends upon:
          • Type of loan
          • Military Category
          • First Time Homebuyer Status
          • Down Payment Amount
  • Loan Limits:
    • In Philadelphia, the loan limit for a single family home is $453,100.  There’s a LOT of numbers, but you can find your county’s limit here.

Conventional Mortgages

  • According to ConsumerFinance.gov, conventional mortgages are loans that are not part of a specific government program.
  • Categories:
    • Conforming: Have maximum loan amounts set by the government.  This will include places like FannieMac.
    • Non-conforming: Less regulated.
      • Banks
        • It’s important to shop around and see what you can get.
        • Check local banks like Merck Sharp & Dohme in order to see what your local bank offers.
      •  Eligibility
        • Variable
      • Pricing
        • Variable.
      • Down payment
        • Variable but, traditional is 20 percent.
      • Features
        • Variable
  • Here’s where to apply for a conventional mortgage with Philadelphia Federal Credit Union.
  • This is a helpful tool to get an estimate for interest rates.

Concluding on FHA Loans

In conclusion, the versatility an individual would gain when utilizing the FHA loan program is impressive.  For first time home-buyers or even savvy investors the FHA loan program has many benefits that should be taken in to consideration when looking to invest in future real estate investments.






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