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Finding the True Investment Home Values for Motivated Buyers and Sellers.

Buyers Market vs Sellers Market: Forecasting Trends

There is a common refrain that is being echoed among industry types when asked if it is a buyers market or sellers market:       That’s right, we are all…currently… existing in a sellers market.  Ok, I know, this is not ground breaking news. In reality, knowing whether you are in a sellers…
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Estimating Rehab Costs

Getting into the real estate investment market is difficult. Whether it is identifying valuable properties, estimating rehab costs, evaluating financing opportunities, or finding potential investors or buyers, the basic functionalities of the career are difficult enough on their own, even if you have tools like house flipping spreadsheets or value calculators. Now add in the…
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MiP Investment Property Calculator – Our Speed Calculation

Here at Move in Philly, we take data seriously. It is ingrained in who we are and how we operate at our core. In fact, we built our entire company and our MiP calculator around this concept. So, when we started considering how to evaluate properties, we quickly realized that there was no good option…
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