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Finding the True Investment Home Values for Motivated Buyers and Sellers.

Estimating Rehab Costs

Getting into the real estate investment market is difficult. Whether it is identifying valuable properties, estimating rehab costs, evaluating financing opportunities, or finding potential investors or buyers, the basic functionalities of the career are difficult enough on their own, even if you have tools like house flipping spreadsheets or value calculators. Now add in the…
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How to Make an Investment Using the BRRR Method Profitable

There are a myriad of ways in which you can make purchasing a house a prosperous endeavor for you, but understanding what strategy to employ for specific properties can be a challenge, as you have to not only be aware of all of your options but also be able to apply each option to your…
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Neighborhood Home Values: Elizabeth, NJ

Setting up a process that you can trust when embarking on a new campaign is both equally crucial and difficult. You need to not only be able to define every thought process along the path in order to make it repeatable, but you also need to be able to adjust and correct your process as…
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How to Properly Invest in Property

Buying Investment Property Investing in any property is not a difficult process, all you really need to do if identify a place and have the money to purchase it, but the challenge is that it is a terrifying endeavor. Either you have worked your entire life to save up enough money to put in on…
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